online Payment system

About us

PayChi is a brand new payment system created to make people's lives better. As a group of enthusiasts from all over the world, we realize that there are so many people just like us, doing their job in freelance: designers, copywriters, game makers, IT people and many others. Based in India, Netherlands, Turkey, Russia, France and other countries, they are all looking for a way to be paid via simple yet comprehensible system with no hidden commissions.

So we created PayChi to facilitate the management of money flow.

Why chose us?

Because we care. We offer you something we created for ourselves and our friends. It's handy and easy to use, so we hope you will enjoy it too.

Our idea is more for less. We are not offering something exclusively new which has some unique advantages. Instead, you get only useful services which are easy to operate, so you receive more profit and less time spent.

There's even more to this. Other than simplicity and transparency of transactions, we also care about security and anti-fraud protection.

Truly yours.
PayChi Team