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How to avoid becoming a victim of malicious attacks?

Every year the Internet becomes more widely spread and, consequently, the cybercrime rate increases. The first step in protecting your information is passwords.

Our simple tips will help you not to become a victim of cybercriminal:

  1. Use only strong passwords for your accounts. "qwerty" is very easy to remember, but also so easy to hack. A complex password for an attacker is a password with letters of different registers, numbers, and symbols. The longer the password is the more difficult it is for an attacker to crack it
  2. Try to use unique passwords for key sites such as: mail or Bank account. Thus, by cracking one password, attackers will not be able to take possession of all your information on other sites.
  3. Change your passwords frequently. Try to change your passwords every three months. In this case, your password will be almost impossible to crack by brute force.

By adhering to these simple tips, you will make yourself a very difficult target for malicious attacks.

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