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PayChi Prepaid Card

What is a prepaid card?

Let’s think for a moment about how many times a day you face troubles with different payment systems, their ways of processing, and endless requirements needed to be fulfilled to get a product you just saw on TV or advertisement. Do you really have to follow every single step-by-step instruction just to get what you want right here and right now? We are suggesting a solution which will be a complete turnaround to all of this!

Introducing you a new Prepaid Card from PayChi!

What is it? – It’s a preloaded card that you can use at ATMs, proceeding with any kind of online purchases or any other place that accepts banking payment method in general.

Get it online and feel the difference today!

So, what's the difference? Apply today and find out about the advantages compared to others.

How does it work? A PayChi is reloadable and has extremely reasonable fees. It's an alternative to traditional banking tailored for those who are always on the run, developing and seeking new ways of dealing with money transactions and payments. With a PayChi prepaid card, there is no need to worry about your credit history – you can purchase it anyway.

Why buy a prepaid card?

Technically, an online prepaid card is more like a card. While using it, you’re spending your personal money loaded on the card, with no risk of an overdraft. What’s better than that? - You don’t have to hold a bank account to experience all the benefits at maximum. Load funds directly to your card and use the balance to fulfill your buying needs anywhere and anytime. When the balance dips too low, you simply reload more money with the most suitable way for you.

Even with multiple automatic monthly payments set up, prepaid cards will let you deal with online billing normally. It will also enable receiving payments processed via electronic check issued by the card company and, of course, allow you to get cash from an ATM using just your PIN code, just like any other debit/credit card.

You may buy a prepaid card online even with an account and routing numbers, so you can have your paycheck deposited to your card directly.

You may use your prepaid card for online purchases and groceries, gas for your car, even deal with utility bills online. Notification statements can help you track spendings.

Make easy payments globally without the need for cardholder bank accounts or credit checks.

Whatever you do, buying a PayChi prepaid card helps you take control over your money flow.

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