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PayChi Prepaid Virtual Card

What is a virtual card?

A virtual Prepaid Card is not a physical carrier so you can leave your worries about losing access to your account behind! Meet a new generation of security-designed cards for your convenience. We keep up with the development of modern technologies that’s why we realize your needs and ensure the fulfillment of them to a maximum extent.

How does it work? A Virtual card is literally just a number, and it's the best solution for online and even regular shopping. It doesn't matter if you spend hours in a shopping mall or prefer making purchases online, a Virtual card is suitable for both!

People are different and so are their lives, so is it's hard to guess the nature and number of issues each of us has to deal with daily. We just want to keep you away from unnecessary stress with our game-changing product. What can possibly be better than that? It is still prepaid, not credit, so no worries of ever becoming a debtor! You are the one who is in control of your expenses, with no hidden details or strings attached!

Still hesitating? Apply online and start enjoying all benefits today!

Why virtual prepaid card?

We may not foresee what might happen the next moment, but you can be sure that your hard-earned savings are under your control.

It makes every sense to do shopping online using a virtual card if you do care about safe online shopping. Using this card, you prevent financial institutions or e-commerce websites from tracking your expenses. No third-party websites will ever receive your banking details either. We provide a basis for security and protection of your payments, and keep you constantly informed regarding any activities you should be aware of. As opposed to a virtual credit card, you'll never get an overdraft, when using a prepaid card, which means you are in charge and your funds are always available to you.

What can be faster and more convenient than getting your card without even leaving your house? An instant virtual card is ready to be loaded once it's activated, you don't need to wait for delivery, it's immediately available!

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