online Payment system

Refund policy in effect as of 1/1/2018

  1. The customer shall be solely responsible for any cancellations, invalid or disputed transactions, and for any chargeback case initiated.
  1. When using payment cards in respect of refunds, the following rules shall be applied:
  • If the user has successfully passed the verification and the replenishment operation has been completed, cancellation of the card transaction and refunds to the card are not possible.
  • If the verification fails and the user has not provided the necessary information to complete the replenishment operation, the card transaction is automatically cancelled. Refund to the card may take up to 14 business days. 
  1. In case the client terminates the contract and requests to close and delete their PayChi account, or if the Agreement is stipulated, PayChi terminates the provision of services to the client and deletes the customer's account from the system, available funds shall be transferred from the PayChi to the bank account specified by the client or to an electronic payment account of another system. PayChi has the right to apply a charge to the returned amount of the PayChi funds (PayChi Commission fee for the provision of services by PayChi, which the client has not paid for, and expenses, including but not limited to fines and compensation for damages, appointed by International organizations of payment cards, other financial institutions and/or public institutions, which PayChi incurred in connection with the breach of the Agreement by the client). If there is a dispute between PayChi and the client, PayChi has the right to withhold the money that is the subject of the dispute until the latter is resolved.
  2. If for reasons beyond the control of PayChi the money cannot be returned to the client, the client shall be notified immediately. The customer is obliged to immediately specify alternative account or provide additional information required for refund processing.
  3. In case the payer has indicated incorrect essentials of the beneficiary of payment, and the payment order on such data is carried out (for example, the account number specified by the payer belongs not to the person the payer wishes to transfer the money to), it is considered that PayChi has fulfilled its obligations properly and the amount of payment order is not refundable to the payer. In this case, on the issue of a refund, the payer should address directly to the person who has received the transfer. 
  4. If PayChi is not able to transfer the funds indicated in the payment order to the beneficiary's account, in connection with incorrect data provided by the payer in the payment order, but the payer requests to return the funds specified in the payment order, the payment order can be cancelled, and the funds are returned to the payer, but only on the written request of the payer and in the case of the recipient's consent to return the funds to the payer (if possible to determine the recipient). In this case, the commission fee, specified in the system for cancelling the payment order, is applied.
  5. In all cases, when PayChi receives a payment order, but the funds in connection with errors in the payment order cannot be credited to the account, but within a month to clarify such payment order or refund to the PayСhi is not drawn by neither the payer, nor the recipient, PayChi takes all possible measures to trace the payment transaction in order to clarify the information and carry out the payment order.
  6. If the payment is returned for reasons beyond the control of PayChi (inaccurate details of the payment order, the beneficiary's account is closed, by the fault of the mediator selected by the payer, etc.), the return amount is credited to the client's account. Commission paid by the payer for the execution of the payment order shall not be returned, and PayChi is to be compensated for commission fees for the costs applied from the account of the client.
  1. The client has the right to terminate the Agreement unilaterally and without recourse to the court by notifying PayChi in written form. Upon the termination of the Agreement by the client, electronic money is returned to the client in the way chosen by the client (one of the suggested in the Agreement), in accordance with this Agreement.